The Eagle

May God bless the beginning of a serious "house of industry and learning" for young people who are finding the living, Orthodox Christ. The world with its allurements that entangle one's free will and prevent us from serving the Lord, has now almost conquered all aspects of the arts and sciences. Life is given by God to bring forth fruit in His vineyard. We have a job to do: to till the earth, to sow the seed, to water it with sweat and tears, and then to labor harvesting the fruit, offering it to God. This must be born in each individual heart as a reminder of the ideal for which we labor. May this monthly "Eagle" fly into the hearts of all those who care for Christ's reflection in young souls.

The Eagle, the Academy's newsletter, is sent out 3-4 times a year to over 800 people. The articles, written by students and staff, vary from issue to issue. One may describe a fishing excursion, and the next an experience we had with a holy elder. The Eagle is our way of sharing with you the many blessings and adventures of our life here at the Academy.

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