College Level Study Program

St. Innocent’s Academy is pleased to offer a study program which allows students to earn transferable college credit or enroll in an accredited two or four year degree college program while living in a lively, patristically-based family community.

Credits may be earned by preparing for the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests, which may be taken locally here at Kodiak College. The Academy’s existing tutorial and lecture personnel and structured learning environment can be very helpful in supporting this approach to college level home study. CLEP tests typically cover courses taken in the freshman and sophomore years, and are accepted for credit by virtually all colleges. Students may also take college courses and matriculate, if desired, at Kodiak College, a non-residential two-year college that is a regional campus of the University of Alaska, Anchorage. Kodiak College is a twenty-minute walk from the Academy building.

College credits may be earned through CLEP, Advanced Placement tests, attendance at Kodiak College or distance programs. An Academy staff advisor is available to counsel students on how to meet distribution and graduation requirements. Associate, Bachelor and Master’s level degrees are available locally or through distance learning of various types.

Costs of this program are moderate. Most CLEP tests cost $75, and usually earn three to six credits at participating colleges. College tuition at Kodiak College is also moderate, in the range of $105 per credit for Alaska residents, and $384 per credit for nonresidents. Parents can help to keep costs down for study materials by buying used texts at local home colleges or on the internet. Costs for distance degrees vary.

All costs for college level courses are separate from regular fees for residence at the Academy. Further information on college study can be obtained by contacting Elizabeth Jones at

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